scReddit Invitational:

The Official Starcraft II Invitational for and by the scReddit Community

Brought to you by:, Zen Magnets, NewGamesNinja, Siistem at DFL gaming, Redditor jgrindal

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What is scReddit Invitational?

The SCRI is a tournament designed to pit’s best players against some of the best players that the StarCraft professional scene has to offer. In the main event, 8 Redditors and 8 invited pro gamers will compete for a large prize pool in an event that will feature some of scReddit’s favorite invited commentators and players invited by the community at

Event Format

Qualifiers have been updated

Click here for the Qualifier Page

For the inaugural SCRI, there will be a 128-man open tournament on Saturday, December 18th held for all Redditors who have a Reddit account that is at least 1-month old and have not won an scReddit Open. On that same day, the top 8 competitors from that event will then face off against past SCRO winners in a single-elimination bracket . The top 8 finishers from the overall qualifier will represent scReddit against the invited progamers. For future SCRIs, there will not be a single qualifier event. Instead, the top 2 competitors from each of the previous 4 Opens will be automatically entered to represent scReddit.

Main Event

Group Stages The SCRI will be a 16-man event divided into 4 groups of people. Each group will consist of 2 Redditors and 2 invited progamers. The group stages will follow a Best-Of-3 round-robin format. The top 2 from each group will advance to the RO8. group stages will take place on Saturday, January 8.

All matches in the RO8 will be Best-of-5 (BO5). There will be a 3rd place match that is also a BO5, and the finals will be BO7. The RO8 will take place on Sunday, January 9.

Other Details

Progamer Invites

On December 14, a voting thread in which Redditors nominate which progamers they would like to see at the event will be opened. Only players who have access to the NA server will be eligible. Of that thread, the top 4 upvoted nominations will be invited, with the other 4 invitees determined by tournament administrators. However, even for the 4 invitees determined by tournament administrators, the voting thread will be heavily considered.


There will be prizes available for both the top-placing Redditors and the overall most successful competitors. Redditors will have the opportunity to win a compounded prize pool that includes both the prizes for Redditors and the grand prizes for the overall event (e.g. if a Redditor wins the entire event, they win both the Reddit prizes and the grand prizes. If a progamer wins the overall event, they only win the grand prize).


  • Week of December 12: Progamer Invite Thread Opens
  • Friday, December 17: Progamer Invite Thread Closes at 11:59 p.m. EST
  • Saturday, December 18: SCRI Qualifiers
  • Saturday, January 8 through Sunday, January 9: SCRI Main Event (2 days)


  • You must have a registered Reddit account that is at least 1 month old.
  • Your must be registered on
  • You must be able to play on the U.S. server.

Want to Donate?

This event is already huge thanks to our sponsors and the generosity of Redditors like jgrindal, but with your help we can truly take it to the next level and get bigger names, better casters, and higher production value. A bigger prize pool and funding for the event will make this all possible, so if you are interested please feel free to express your support by sending a donation to via PayPal to the account All proceeds go to prize pools, hosting, and/or paying casters .

Thanks to all our contributors!

Current Contributions (>$25)

Companies: Justin.TV: $200, Zen Magnets: $200, NewGamesNinja: numerous Steam games

Redditors: jgrindal: $100, Anonymous 1: $100








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